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Castelnau’s antshrike

July 14, 2020

The Castelnau’s Batará(Thamnophilus cryptoleucus) is a bird with totally black plumage, females, while males have black plumage with white lines.

It is considered an antbird, large and black, with a white patch on its back.


Where does the Batará de Castelnau live?

Preferably inhabits seasonally flooded wooded areas and secondary forests. It is very rarely found in flocks.

It is native to the Amazon basin, abundant in the undergrowth, below 300 meters above sea level. It lives near the large tributaries of the Amazon River, especially in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

Its greatest threat comes from habitat degradation caused by deforestation and forest fires. It emits a song composed of descending bass notes.

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