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Amazon Rainforest Products

Amazonian products traded outside the rainforest are many and diverse. These include agricultural products, fruits of plants, trees and palms (tubers such as cassava, fruits, drupes), medicinal plants and timber trees.

On the other hand, there are animal products such as fish (commercial and ornamental species), edible insects and Amazonian birds.

Many mammal species are also traded illegally, an activity that has decimated their populations. This and other factors (such as deforestation, fires caused by cattle ranching, oil palm exploitation, mining and illicit crops) threaten the preservation of animal and plant species.

products of the amazon

In the Amazon region, which encompasses the entire Amazon River basin, countless tributaries and touches at least 6 South American countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela), we also find very valuable mining products, including gold and oil.

But mining activity pollutes the waters and causes irreparable damage to this paradisiacal place, which is in fact the largest rainforest on the planet. Whether the extraction of mining products is legal or illegal, its effects are detrimental or catastrophic for the communities or indigenous peoples and for the environment in general.

Another product that we will not refer to here is rubber, the exploitation of which also caused terrible damage to the original inhabitants of these lands.


Products from the Amazon rainforest

The main products of the Amazon region to which we will refer here and of which we will provide some links for purchase in international markets, or so that the user can expand their information on them, are of vegetable origin with emphasis on agricultural products of cultivated fruits.

Amazonian fruits

Among the agricultural products of the Amazon region are acai, pitaya, pitahaya or dragon fruit, guarana, cupuacu, lucuma, camu-camu, aguaje and sacha inchi, among many others.

Many Amazonian fruits are not cultivated and are harvested in the wild, so it is difficult to get them in international markets and it is even difficult to get them in the most populous Amazonian markets of manaos, belén do pará in the Brazilian Amazon, Iquitos in the Peruvian Amazon and Leticia in the Colombian Amazon.

products of the amazon

Acai products

Acai is one of the most sought-after Amazonian products for its anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. In addition, this product is also called a√ßa√≠ or asai(Euterpe precatoria Mart and Euterpe oleracea Mart) is used to lose weight, to prevent Alzheimer’s, reduces cholesterol, helps control blood sugar, prevents osteoporosis, keeps the circulatory system healthy, fights urinary infections, protects vision, is an antibiotic, among other benefits.

Açaí products on Aliexpress

For those of us who live far from the Amazonian markets, another option to enjoy the benefits of this miraculous plant is to ingest it in concentrates, capsules or powder.

They are offered through reliable international online trading platforms such as Aliexpress, which supports shipping to almost anywhere on the planet.

With Aliexpress you can buy retail or wholesale, with the advantage of offering significant discounts for wholesalers.

Pitaya or dragon fruit products

Pitaya, pitahaya or dragon fruit is used to treat kidney stones, soothe headache, treat sores and skin tumors.

Its consumption has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and betanin inhibitory effects on melanoma cell growth.

Additionally, it is used to enhance male fertility.

Pitahaya: The Dragon Fruit

Pitahaya products on Aliexpress

You can find pitahaya, pitaya or dragon fruit products on Aliexpress at a very good price. Pitaya powder is ideal for making energizing juices or smoothies to take advantage of its medicinal properties.

Products with guarana

Perhaps the best known products of guarana are energy drinks, but due to its multiple medicinal properties it has given rise to a wide variety of processed products such as slimming capsules and intimate lubricants.

In addition to its aphrodisiac and body fat burning uses, it is also used to treat anxiety, increase appetite (for people with cancer who become appetite deprived); improve memory, athletic performance.

In folk medicine it is used as an antiplatelet, antidiarrheal, healing, diuretic and in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, dysentery, hemorrhoids. In external use, as a cream, this product is used as a healing agent.


Cupuacu products

Copoazu butter is used for skin and hair moisturizing.

Lucuma products

Lucuma has antioxidant, anti-aging or anti-aging properties and is also a powerful natural energizer.

Camu-camu products

Camu-camu (Myrciaria Dubia ) is the fruit with the highest vitamin C content in the world.

It has anti-anemic, antiviral, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, healing, antispasmodic and antioxidant properties.

This Amazonian product, considered promising, is used to treat arthritis, colds, diabetes, high cholesterol, bronchitis, vitamin deficiencies, inflammation, among other conditions.

On Aliexpress

Sacha inchi products

Sacha-inchi (Plukenetia Volubilis ) is mainly consumed in kernels, oil, flour, capsules and food supplements, as well as in beauty products.

It is also used for the aesthetic care of skin, nails and hair, regenerating and moisturizing thanks to its high content of fatty acids and vitamins.

However, in order to take advantage of its almond, it is necessary to open the beautiful capsule in which it is naturally wrapped, which is star-shaped. To lighten and automate this arduous and challenging task, ingenious processing machines have been created to perform this work, optimizing processing times and reducing production costs. Here are a couple of offers.

sacha inchi

Products of aguaje, butiti or moriche

Aguaje has many medicinal uses. It is attributed with beneficial properties for slimming, narrowing the waist, increasing the volume of breasts and buttocks.

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Machines for industrial processing of cassava

Fish products from the Amazon

Ornamental fish

Lisa (Schizodon fasciatus)


Paiche or pirarucu (Arapaima gigas)

Medicinal products from the Amazon

Cariaquito purple or ayamanchana (Lantana trifolia)

Medicinal plants of the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest Aphrodisiacs

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