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About Us

This portal is an initiative of Rafael Cartay, Adriana Varela and Daniel Osorio started in October 2019 that seeks to offer users free access to knowledge about the Amazon, prioritizing its flora and fauna, as well as all human manifestations in the jungle.

We are constantly seeking to be able to get closer to the universities of the region, to the researchers, to offer them a space where they can express themselves or make known their experiences or knowledge in general about the Amazon in a free way.

In addition to the articles written by Rafael Cartay, which so far are the vast majority, we also have articles written by university professors from the Universidad de Los Andes and the Universidad de Oriente, both from Venezuela. However, we hope that over time we will also be able to count on specialists from other universities in the other countries that are part of the Amazon region, such as Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

If you are interested in sharing your experience in the Amazon, you are invited to contact us, regardless of your academic degree, only that you know how to express your ideas in writing.




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