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Amazon Cuisine – The Rainforest Food – Dishes and Drinks

In this series on the gastronomy of the Amazon region, Professor Rafael Cartay , an expert in the area, brings us closer to the wildest culinary field from the perspective of each of the countries that share the Amazon River basin .


Amazonian gastronomy in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela

In each of the following articles you will find not only the typical dishes and typical drinks of each region but also the ingredients, the techniques, the cooks or chefs who have brought this culture to haute cuisine, as well as the main restaurants where you can taste the most exquisite preparations with the flavors of the jungle .

Amazonian Food from Ecuador

Amazonian gastronomy of Colombia

Typical dishes and drinks of the region

Culinary preparations are of two types: those that are eaten by chewing them, meals, and those that are drunk, drinks.

However, there are foods that are liquid or almost liquid, such as soups, porridge, atole, etc.

Amazon Rainforest Drinks

▷ Masato: the essential Amazonian drink

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