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Contribute with us your way! It is an independent initiative of people who not only love the Amazon rainforest as the highest expression of nature and life itself, but also want to make known its virtues and the importance of its preservation for human beings and for the environmental balance in general. on planet Earth.

The Amazon jungle is full of secrets that many indigenous peoples know well, and that many explorers and men of science have taken the trouble to investigate, giving rise to hundreds of scientific studies.

These studies, written in language that is too technical or academic, are often beyond the reach of most of us and that is why Professor Rafael Cartay, writer and researcher, contacted me asking me about the need to create a specialized digital medium in the area .

We have wanted to do things right from the beginning, respecting the copyright of each of the photographs, articles and audiovisual material published on this portal and appropriately granting the credits to the respective authors, citing the sources and offering links both to many articles scientists as well as to the different licenses of Creative Commons under which the images are released.


Send us your writings, photos or videos about the Amazon!

We promise to give credits for authorship or keep your anonymity if you wish.

We want to continue growing and make this medium something much more inclusive where not only a few but many can participate.

This is why we wish to extend to our audience a cordial invitation to contribute with their own writings, their own photographs, their own sound or audiovisual record about the Amazon , committing ourselves to give credit to their respective authors as we have been doing.

If you are interested, you just have to fill out this form .

Post your articles, journalistic works, photos, documentation, archive material, complaints about the Amazon, in favor of environmental balance, the preservation of the various Amazonian cultures, the preservation of animal and plant species, fauna and flora that are part of the increasingly vulnerable ecosystem of the Amazon basin .

Economic contribution or donation

In addition, for those others who wish to make a monetary contribution with our initiative, they can also do so through Paypal starting at $2, through the following link.

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