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Ayahuasca retreats in Ecuador

June 25, 2022

We want to clarify that in has no relationship with the companies mentioned below, we have not tried these ayahuasca retreats, nor can we recommend them. We recommend, yes, to read an article entitled Ayahuasca, a failed experience where the writer Barbara Snow tells us about a bad experience with the intake of ayahuasca in the Ecuadorian jungle. It is important to read the opinions of the clients of these commercial establishments before contracting any service. If possible, go first as a witness only. It is better to be in a large group, not in a private ceremony. If there is a shaman who sings iccaros and performs a well-intentioned ritual, even better. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

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Top 10 Ayahuasca Retreats in Ecuador

In Ecuador, where about half of the country’s territory is located within the Amazon basin, it is logical that there are multiple options for supervised ayahuasca intake. Here is a brief overview of places offering ayahuasca retreats by region. These services are offered on a commercial basis for tourists or for anyone interested in experiencing the purging and trance that comes with taking this mixture of chacruna and the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, master plants widely used not only in eastern Ecuador but throughout the Amazon, and, increasingly, in other parts of America, the United States and Europe.

In Mindo, Quenipe and Quito

Alma Healing Center presents a range of retreats to experience the powers of the ancient plant Ayahuasca in their centers located in various parts of Ecuador, where they have teachers and their teams who live in those areas.

Three types of retreats are offered depending on their duration, ranging from 2 to 11 days. All of them are carried out in natural environments, with the support of a specialized team that offers security and attention, translators for foreign visitors, blessing ceremonies for couples, private retreats for small groups or individually. The Center collaborates with the indigenous people by contributing 15% of its profits to a Kichwa community.

At Tena, Napo Province

Suchipakari since 2002 offers an exclusive service of retreats with Amazonian master plants such as Ayahuasca, has a reserve in the middle of a forest with an ideal natural environment for the experience. More than 800 people have been treated at this center.

The retreats have a duration of 3 to 6 days, in addition to the Ayahuasca ceremony they include meals prepared by a specialized chef, walks along the Napo River, excursions to waterfalls and visits to indigenous communities.

Visitors who only speak English are provided with translation service and dedicated assistance throughout their experience to achieve the best understanding of the visitor and their shaman. The center is concerned about the protection of the natural environment and the protection of the culture of the master plants, so everything is harvested in a sustainable way.

Ayahuasca Ecuador gathers a group of Naporuna Indians from the village of Tena in the middle of the mountainous jungle. It offers retreats of 5 to 13 days composed of ceremonies that allow healing, learning and growth.

Communing with the spirits of the earth that help purify our bodies and minds of physical and energetic illnesses. The healing ceremony includes a personalized cleansing session by a senior shaman who, along with his team, provides supervision to each participant and a translator if necessary.

Cumbres de Arutan, Morona Santiago

The European Foundation Horizonte Esmeralda holds its retreats in the Sangay primary reserve, surrounded by natural forests and beautiful waterfalls. Under the guidance of the shaman Arutam Ruymán, the participants are brought closer to their spirits through coexistence with nature and the power of the master plants.

One and two-week retreats are offered, the one-week retreat is recommended for those who wish to learn about and initiate themselves on this path of self-discovery. It consists of 4 ceremonies with Ayahuasca. For an experience in the search of the spiritual path, a two-week retreat is offered, which includes 7 to 8 ceremonies that make it possible to obtain a deeper trance and greater understanding of the union with life.


The Punta Ayampe farm offers shamanic retreats with traditional ceremonies using the medicinal plant Ayahuasca. The 7-day plan includes 7 ceremonies to achieve a direct connection and attain inner knowledge and healing of the spirit.

In a beautiful natural environment under the guidance of trained shamans who speak Spanish, English and French. These ancient practices will help you restore your connection to nature and offer healing at deep levels of our being.

In addition to the ceremonies, the retreat includes shamanic cleansing, breathing techniques, informative talks, recreational walks, vegetarian meals and lodging.


The Selvavida operator offers retreat plans with the use of Ayahuasca for 2 and 3 days, offering treatments dedicated to heal depressive conditions, emotional problems, addictions, anxiety, stress and health problems in general.

Services offered include purification and spiritual cleansing, informative talks, Ayahuasca ceremonies, interpretation of visions and dreams by a qualified shaman, natural meals and lodging in cabins.

Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

Akasha Ecospa offers its retreat in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador with a package of 4 days and 3 nights where it joins the taking of the master plant, Yoga classes and therapies to achieve connection with the 5 elements of mother earth, air, fire, earth and space.

Included in the plan are sauna baths, healing therapies with the elements, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, floral and detox baths, pineal gland activation, massage therapy, lodging, vegetarian meals and transportation from Quito.


Gabriel Guillén offers this one-day retreat in the city of Cuenca, with a Putumayo Ayahuasca ceremony. Through the use of the sacred plant, a communication link is created between the physical and spiritual worlds and it is possible to discover the origin of many diseases that afflict man in order to heal body, mind and soul.

As this is a short experience within the city, we only recommend bringing a sleeping bag or yoga mat to lie down on, warm clothes, fruit, water and above all to have a purpose of healing and seeking wellness for your life.


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