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Ayahuasca retreats in Bolivia

July 15, 2022
retiros de Ayahuasca bolivia


Located in the Amazon rainforest of northern Bolivia, within an indigenous reserve, this natural and sacred environment in connection with the jungle provides an ideal site for the expansion of consciousness and the healing of body and soul.

Pisatahua ‘s retreat plans range from 10 to 12 days, the ceremonies include plants such as ayahuasca, San Pedro, monkfish, coca and tobacco. Groups are small to ensure personalized attention to each participant and we have experienced community healers with decades of experience.

During your stay you will enjoy healthy food, cabins overlooking the lake, hikes, flower baths, yoga and meditation.

La Paz

Allkamari is a retreat center a few kilometers from La Paz and offers 2, 4 and 5 day plans to perform the ritual of purification and inner strength with ayahuasca. You will be able to choose between the Andean retreat in the mountains and the Amazonian retreat in the jungle.

Packages include 1 to 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, conversation with the shaman, ritual sauna, meditation, guide in Spanish or English, tours of the facilities, meals and lodging at the retreat center.


Chuchini eco tours offers its wellness retreats, physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic detoxification, rebirth and the ancestral cosmic ceremony with ayahuasca. In a jungle environment, reconnection with nature is achieved.

Prior to the ceremony, a cleansing is performed to help change limiting beliefs such as fears, anxiety and insecurity. The retreats range from 2 to 5 days and include the ancestral ceremony with ayahuasca, meditation, wellness circles, jungle walks, qualified guides, translation, meals, lodging and transportation.

Aquicuana Reserve

Pisatahua is an integral retreat to perform ayahuasca ceremonies surrounded by the beauty of the Amazon rainforest in an idyllic setting for working with traditional medicinal plants. It offers the support of traditional healers, natural food and first class lodging.

The Pisatahua center focuses on protecting the environment with its sustainable construction, water conservation measures, energy and waste recycling, support for the reforestation of the reserve, and community development programs with part of the profits obtained from the retreats.


Wizard Mountain in El Brujo hill has a retreat center in the middle of the Bolivian jungle, the process includes a daily intake of Ayahuasca, the mother of medicinal plants, along with a diet of grains that help to have the strength to purify body and mind.

Retreats of 3 and 21 days are offered, guided by healers who, after getting to know you, will make a diagnosis to determine the master plant and dosage required, the attention is personalized based on each need.

Under the diet regimen, patients are guided to meditate, hike in the jungle and spend time in solitude to achieve the healing work that this profound and transformative retreat accomplishes.

Madidi National Park

Bala Tours has plans to visit the Madidi National Park and enjoy its incredible variety of flora and fauna along with its impressive landscapes. In the middle of this adventure they offer the celebration of a ceremony with Ayahuasca.

Live this unique experience in a unique environment where you can share knowledge and search for the soul of the inner self under the guidance of a natural shaman of the Amazon jungle.

Felipe’s Healing Center

The healer Felipe has his ecological healing center just 15 minutes from Rurrenabaque on the banks of the Beni River on the road to Madidi Park, where he offers retreats with Ayahuasca ceremonies where patients are treated for health problems of various kinds, whether physical, spiritual or mental.

The ecological center has accommodation for patients or dietitians, as well as for volunteers who wish to collaborate in the experiences with the master plants. The jungle retreat is complemented by walks along the Beni River and its waterfalls.

Santa Cruz

In the healing center with medicinal plants Casa de Pawua located in the wilderness of the Amazon jungle of Bolivia, retreats are offered in a space of learning and healing with the use of master plants.

Retreats at Casa de Pawua are available all year round by reservation, treatments are done in the middle of the jungle as our ancestors used to do. To access the retreat, you must fill out a form where the time you should remain in treatment is recommended and when you meet with the shaman, he will give you details since each case is treated in a personalized way.

El Brujo Hill

Inca Land Tours offers a one day and one night ayahuasca experience in the deep forest located in Cerro El Brujo, near Rurrenabaque. The experience includes the ceremony with guide and specialized shaman, lodging and meals.

It is recommended to bring loose and comfortable clothing with warm clothes since the ceremony takes place at night, insect repellent and water for the road.


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