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Black Owl

June 26, 2020

The Black Owl (Ciccaba huhula, Strix huhula) has several other names: black owl, black owl, black tawny owl.

It is a nocturnal bird of prey, of the strigidae family, little known and studied.

Coruja Preta or Black Owl - Brazil
Coruja Preta or Black Owl – Brazil
Nortondefeis CC BY 4.0

Where does the barn owl live and what does it eat?

Native to South America and distributed in the Amazon basin, especially in humid tropical forests. It feeds on rodents, bats, small birds and insects.

Black Owl characteristics

They are 34 to 40 cm long and weigh 450 to 500 g. The iris of their eyes ranges from orange to brown.

Its beak and legs are orange. His facial disc is blackish and his eyebrows are stained white. Its body feathers are blackish, with white, narrow, wavy bars.

Black owl Strix huhula, San Isidros Lodge, Ecuador
Black owl Strix huhula, San Isidros Lodge, Ecuador
Don Faulkner / CC BY-SA

Its tail is black, with white dots and four narrow white bars.

Behavior and reproduction

Lives alone or as a couple. It is a very territorial species, especially during the breeding season.

It nests in hollows of tall logs and lays a maximum of two eggs that will be jealously guarded until the chicks learn to hunt.

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