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Ayahuasca retreats in Brazil

July 14, 2022

Serra da Mantiqueira, Joanópolis

The Ecoa spiritual retreat house presents a unique experience to transform the being from its connection with mother earth. In three days you will be hosted in a safe and harmonious environment, ideal for the self-knowledge treatment that will help you to expand your consciousness and improve your quality of life.

In addition to the transformation experience, the retreat includes accommodation in rooms and suites and an ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet. The farm is located 120 km from Sao Paulo and transportation is available for visitors who require it. 5% of the proceeds from the retreats are donated to indigenous communities.

Itacare, Bahia

The Spirit Vine retreat center is dedicated to the needs of people who feel the call to connect their essence at deep levels, each person is guided to find their balance and re-establish the connection with the higher self.

In an environment with beautiful gardens and close to the Atlantic rainforest, the 9 and 11 day retreats include Ayahuasca ceremonies, yoga classes, spiritual workshops, comfortable and modern accommodations and a healthy vegan diet.

Ayahuasca Institute

The Ayahuasca Institute is conformed by Antihos students and they have a millenary experience in the use of the sacred plant and in their retreat they practice meditation, astral travel and meditation with Ayahuasca.

Rituals are on Sundays at 10:00 am and focus on developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition and telepathy.


The operator Shodana offers a 7-day retreat with yoga classes, meditation, reiki massage, vegetarian meals and Ayahuasca ceremony. Besides the possibility of sightseeing on the beaches and islands of Búzios.

Spacio Buzios features a 6-day retreat under the guidance of shaman couple Damodara and Chandra, who will lead attendees to a deep connection with higher intelligence and knowledge of the inner self by performing an Ayahuasca ceremony in a setting of natural beauty on the coast.

In addition to the Ayahuasca ceremony, the package includes sightseeing on the beaches of Búzios, Yoga practices and vegetarian meals.

Aldeia da Vida, Camaragibe

The Existir Project is a retreat focused on human development in which the development of the self is deepened with experiences at a spiritual level. With three days of duration, the participants move to a place surrounded by nature with forests and rivers where the ceremony of Ayahuasca Consecration is performed, which allows visions for the purpose of feelings and experiences.

The retreat is led by psychoanalyst and therapist Claudia Castro, and includes the Ritual of Purpose, talks and meetings on shamanism, music experiences, dance and the Ayahuasca ceremony.

Taraucá, Acre

The Mariri Festival is a tradition of the Yawanawá people that celebrates the spiritual rebirth, shows the union and religiosity of this indigenous Brazilian people through their joy, art and customs.

Visitors from the region and abroad attend the festival to share during the week-long experience with Ayahuasca, Rapé and frog vaccine. The Yawanawá have been open to sharing their traditions in order to make their people visible and with the profits from tourism create a source of income to support their needs.

Juquitiba, Sao Paulo

Terra Luminous Institute presents its Shipibo retreat with medicines from the forest and under the guidance of the healer Curim Suy that will help you heal and purify your body, mind, spirit and emotions.

The 4-day retreat includes 2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, personalized attention with the shaman, sound healing, nature experience, natural food and lodging. They also have a translator for foreign visitors.

Vila Clarise, Sao Paulo

Located northwest of Sao Paulo, the Jiboia Sagrada Ayahuasca Center performs ceremonies for the inhabitants of Brazil’s largest city. The benefits of the retreat in the city are to transform consciousness, open capacities and be more aware of the day to day.

This retreat is guided by the couple Paulo Lopes and Maria Pereira, certified therapists who currently serve up to 150 people per night.

Mogi das Cruzes, Sao Paulo

The Centro Naturaleza Interior, led by the couple Rosan and Maria Coutinho, is dedicated to promoting Ayahuasca rituals to the people of the city. They also add to the master plant therapies the practice of reiki. The therapists are committed to perform the ceremonies in the city without the need to travel to the jungle or away from home and work.

Itapecirica da Serra, Sao Paulo

Pierre Stoker’s group Mestre Interior specializes in sound healing retreats with Ayahuasca in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo. They specialize in the treatment of drug addiction and depressive problems.

These retreats are characterized by the use of sounds and music to carry out the therapies. Through sound, the connection with the essence of being is facilitated and helps the expansion of consciousness by connecting matter with the vibration and rhythm of the music.


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