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Where to find fresh water in the Amazon Rainforest?

October 20, 2019

This seems like a trivial question but it is not.

Water is sometimes difficult to find if you are in the middle of the jungle , far from some of the many bodies of fresh water that characterize the Amazon basin , the largest known reservoir of fresh water on the planet.


When water is lacking in the middle of the jungle…

In cases where water is lacking, survival specialists make some recommendations of interest to provide it.


The first is to use the water that is deposited on the plants, such as in rosette plants.

Among them, bromeliads stand out, such as pineapple and its relatives. It is an abundant and easy to identify water source in an emergency.

vines and lianas

The second is to resort to vines or vines that contain water.

But it is a bit complicated to find the difference between a vine with water that can be drunk without problems and another whose content is toxic.

In this case, it must be taken into account that toxic liquids have a very bitter taste, and that it is necessary to try with extreme caution so as not to become intoxicated, resorting to vomiting as a precautionary measure.

But there are vines with drinkable water, like the one they call “water bejuco” or “shell and yucca ” in the Amazon.

These are vines belonging to various species of wild vines, a few centimeters thick, which contain water. It is recognized because the bark is woody, scaly, similar to that of the yucca root, which gives a tasteless water, although not unpleasant.

Other places to find fresh water

Water can also be found at the base of the plume of a platanillo (Phenako spermum), or in the fruits of some palm trees of the genus Manikaria and Astrocarium.

Third is the morning dew.

Using a piece of clean cloth, wipe the dew off the grass or plant leaves so that it soaks in, and then squeeze it out to collect the water in a container.

Some indigenous ethnic groups, such as the Yekuana ”, call the dew, in their dialect, “salivation of the stars” (Brewer-Carias, C. 2013. Naked in the Jungle. Caracas: CBC, p. 162).

Apart from water, in the Amazon you can get a wide range of non-alcoholic, alcoholic, aphrodisiac, stimulant and psychoactive drinks

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