According to my mothers DNA she has many Amazonic Indigenous tribes from Peru, Brazil and also from Tierra del Fuego, many Mexican tribes, Colombian, Costonean from California and The Cree from Canada plus the Inuit, Until 3 years ago we thought that she was just Indian, African and English but it turns out she has lots of Basque from Northern Spain and other Spanish regions, North African, Siberian, China. Central European, Baltic, English/Irish, French, German and Russian- to name just a few! Also found some from The Pacific Islands. I have a theory that some must have come from her Indian and Oceanic ancestors and the others from her Siberian ancestors who crossed The Bering ice bridge during the Ice Age. Or another theory is that her Spanish ancestors could have come to The Americas after Christopher Columbus searching for El Dorado, I have found some Puerto Rican and Taino also in her DNA. That could have been from her great grandfather who was born in Jamaica but his ancestors were bought over as slaves and some may have mixed with those of these two islands. She also has a lot of Romany from her Indian ancestors which mixed with those of Central Europe , She is a bit of a mixed bag as she has DNA from all corners of the Earth so its a bit difficult to pin point exactly how they have managed to inhabit the whole Earth! I just like to think that she is an example of a true citizen of the world!