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Amazon Rainforest documentaries

There are many documentaries of the Amazon; vast is the filmography of the jungle , extensive celluloid and digital records that account for this extraordinary territory.

Thanks to advances in technology applied to the film industry, today we can visit the most biodiverse forest on the planet, navigate the longest and mightiest river , get close to a jaguar or a anaconda without any fear and see everything in full HD from the comfort of our home.

So let’s take advantage of the union of these two great miracles (nature and technology) and see a selection of 10 excellent Amazon documentaries available online.


The Amazon ( The Amazon )

Filmmaker Marlin Darrah of the Travel Video Store studio ventured to show one of the least traveled rivers in the Amazon Basin , the Rio Negro.

In this adventure Darrah explores areas that have never been shown before. And his main objective was to discover the mysterious life of the forest in its most natural and virgin form.

4,000 Miles in the Amazon

This production by ABCD Video shows Vladimir and Kamila Šimek the adventure of exploring and discovering the immensity of the Amazon.

You can see the high places of the great mountains of the Andes where the first springs converge, which give rise to a great river.

They also travel in a chiseled canoe through a flooded tropical forest. They go through a small isolated town on the bank of a small river.

They also visit a Colombian reserve where you can admire the Amazonian Victoria flower , they also take a tour of an Amazonian market located in a metropolitan port, and they also visit a school, in short, there are many experiences that are lived in 4,000 Miles on the Amazon .

River of Life ( Rivers of Life )

Rivers of Life reveals a broader, fresher perspective on the beautiful landscapes, amazing wildlife, and people or towns that inhabit the banks of the Nile, Mississippi, and Amazon.

There are three episodes for each destination, program 2 has a duration of approximately one hour and is dedicated to knowing the Amazon. This documentary shows the beautiful rivers and lagoons , the particular pink dolphins that live there, among other extreme adventures that serve to learn even more about the secrets of the Amazon.

Explore the wild kingdom: river of gold, secrets of the Amazon

Directed by Steve Greisen, this documentary featuring Grant Goodeve explores the wild kingdom of the jungle by traveling down the Amazon River and uncovering its fascinating secrets.

Throughout the 49 minutes that the program lasts, places are observed in their perfect natural state, untouched by the hand of man, completely virgin nature, dense, tropical and teeming with life.

The river is home to some of the most remarkable and fascinating species of wildlife on earth. They also show part of the wealth of fauna , highlighting the aquatic species and amphibians .

river monsters

River Monsters is a documentary series of British origin, which was produced by Animal Planet and premiered on April 5, 2009. This series called in Spanish Monstruos de Ríos became one of the most successful and audience programs in the history of Animal Planet and also one of the most watched series on the Discovery Channel.

This series consists of 9 seasons, shows the journey of biologist and extreme fisherman Jeremy Wade, who travels the world in search of the most fearsome freshwater killers, among these destinations is obviously the Amazon.

Searching for clues, witnesses and stories about people who were dragged underwater by these ferocious predators, he tries to catch the largest specimens and then release them back into the wild. His goal is to save these rare creatures from extinction to help people understand the truth behind the legends they arouse. Among the monsters of the Amazon river, the pirarucú, paiche or Arapaima gigas cannot be missing

Ancient Amazon

Under the direction of Herbert Habersack, the documentary Ancient Amazon arrives through which it shows an expedition to search for evidence in support of the theory according to which 130 million years ago the original source of the Amazon was in the Ounianga Kébir lake district in the Modern Sahara.

American Experience: Inside the Amazon

Inside the Amazon from director Rob Rapley tells the remarkable story of the journey made by President Theodore Roosevelt and legendary Brazilian explorer Candido Rondón into the heart of the South American jungle to chart an uncharted tributary of the Amazon.

Two of the most celebrated men of their respective nations, Roosevelt and Rondon set sail with twenty other adventurers in 1914, for eight eventful weeks, in one of the most remote places on earth, the ill-equipped expedition navigated deadly rapids in raw canoes

Hunger and exhaustion were compounded by the unforgiving topography of the rain forest, which forced men to haul heavy canoes long distances. What was expected to be a relatively uneventful ride turned out to be a brutal test of courage and character.

Before it was all over, one member of the expedition had drowned and another had committed murder. Roosevelt would severely injure his leg and beg to be left to die. More than a dramatic adventure story, In the Amazon shines a light on two of the most formidable men in the Western Hemisphere, the culture and politics of two great nations.

Eternal Amazon

Another of the Amazon documentaries is presented by the filmmaker Belisario Franca, who examines the possibilities of sustainable use of the Amazon rainforest. And it is that the Eternal Amazon tells the stories of people who live, love and work in the Amazon. The atmosphere of their daily life is shown.

In sensory terms: the camera dips and rises from rivers, torrential rain, plus an airborne camera pans through clouds, over tall trees and bright sunlight dimmed by forest gloom, all wrapped in tropical heat.

This film tells the stories through the feelings experienced by the protagonists, followed by the film’s narrative thread as an explorer drifting along the lazy currents of the Amazon, where one current flows into another, seeking new watercourses that are intrinsically connected.

Connected to the timeline that links the past with the future, uniting human beings with nature.

There is an extensive list of documentaries of the Amazon, where one of the most fascinating and impressive scenarios in the world is shown from different perspectives.

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